ERW Emergency-Rescue Works
ACS Automated Control System
OL Overhead (Transmission) Line
HEI Higher Education Institution
yyyy years
AIPP Annual Integrated Purchasing Program
S&A Subsidiaries and Affiliates
VHI Voluntary Health Insurance
DPP Diesel Power Plant
UNPG Unified National Power Grid
UPS (IPS) Unified (Integrated) Power System of Russia
HUS Housing and Utility Sector
CJSC Closed Joint Stock Company
St. Stakeholders
EA Executive Apparatus
IP Investment Program
CPI Consumer Price Index
KRI Key Risk Indicator
Corporate Code of Conduct Corporate Code of Conduct, approved at the session of the Government of the Russian Federation on November 28, 2001 and recommended for use according to Regulation No.421/r of the FCSM of the Russian Federation of April 04, 2002
KPI Key Performance Indicator
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
LSDP Local Sewage Disposal Plant
PTL Power Transmission Line
MOI Ministry of the Interior
IDGC Interregional Distribution Grid Company
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
MTS Material and Technical Support
EMERCOM Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters
VAT Value Added Tax
R&D Research and Development
NPF Non-State Pension Fund
AI Accident Insurance
JSC Joint-Stock Company
JDU Joint Dispatcher Unit
AWP Autumn-Winter Period
SOP Special Operation Mode
OTM Operative and Technical Management
OLTC On-Load Tap-Changers
CCGT Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
PD Production Department
SS Substation
GR Government Resolution
PTUO Primary Trade Union Organization
PEC Production Environmental Control
PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyls
HRM High Risk Mode
RTC Regional Tender Committee
DTS Distribution Transformer Substation
IRM Increased Readiness Mode
PST Power Shift Transmission
RGC Regional Grid Company
RUIE Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
DTS Distribution Transformer Substation
RF Russian Federation
REG Region of Electric Grids
ICS Internal Control System
BD Board of Directors
NWFD Northwestern Federal District
AS Average Salary
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
MM Mass Media
QMS Quality Management System
PPRS Personnel Professional Reliability Services
SEI Secondary Education Institution
RMS Risk Management System
CMV Commodities and Material Valuables
TC Technological Connection
TS Transformer Substation
TRM Technical Re-tooling and Modernization
M&R Maintenance and Repair
HC Housing Cooperative
TGO Territorial Grid Organization
TC Technical Conditions
CHPP Combined Heat and Power Plant
MC Management Company
SD Sustainable Development
FL Federal Law
SF Salary Fund
FGC Federal Grid Company
FTS Federal Tariff Service
ES Emergency Situations
CTC Central Tender Committee
CSC Customer Service Center
ETP Electronic Trading Platform
EG Electric Grid
RES Retail Energy Supplier
RAB Return on Invested Capital Method
SAIDI Average Length of Interruption of Electricity Supply to Consumers in the Grid
SAIFI Coefficient of Average Frequency of Interruptions of Electricity Supply to Consumers in the Grid
Measurement Units
Ha Hectare. Area unit
kV Kilovolt. Voltage unit
kVА, MVA Kilovolt-ampere, megavolt-ampere. Electric power unit
kW/h Kilowatt-hour. Electric energy unit
kW, MW Kilowatt, megawatt. Electric active power unit
km Kilometer. Length unit
bln. Billion. Measurement unit
RUB Ruble. Unit of currency
t Ton. Weight, mass, volume measurement unit
thous. Thousand. Measurement unit