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Support of scientific and research activities

Project — book “Energy Sector Professions”

Karelenergo branch published a book called “Energy Sector Professions” (“Energy Sector Professions”).

The edition is professionally oriented; it helps high school students to select a profession and increases young people’s interest in energy industry specialties.

The book is based on stories of 30 employees of the branch, production departments and regional electric grids of Karelenergo representing various professions in the energy sector. It is aimed to tell high school students about the variety of professions in the electric grid complex, peculiarities of work, educational and physiological requirements and acquaints with true stories of how specialists chose their work in IDGC of the North-West.

The book ends with the list of education institutions of the Republic of Karelia where one can receive a degree in Energy Engineering.

The book “Energy Sector Professions” was first introduced by the team of authors of the PR department of Karelenergo branch at the First All-Russian Practical Conference “Children’s Electrical Safety is Above All Else” in August 2012, where 200 copies of the book were distributed among the participants within one hour. The edition is in great demand in schools and professional colleges of the Republic of Karelia.

Annual Conference “Intellectual Capacity of the Kola Energy Sector”

In anticipation of the Power Engineers’ Day, a traditional Annual Conference “Intellectual Capacity of the Kola Energy Sector” is held in Murmansk. Participants present the most interesting projects and are provided with an opportunity to apply their ideas in practice at facilities of the energy complex.

Authors of works are undergraduates of the Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU) majoring in Electricity Supply and Energy Supply to Enterprises. Academic advisors on projects are employees of Kolenergo.

First All-Russian Youth Competition of Science-Intensive Innovative Ideas and Projects “Energy of the Future”

In 2011 IDGC of the North-West took part in the First All-Russian Youth Competition of Science-Intensive Innovative Ideas and Projects “Energy of the Future” in order to attract young scientists and specialists to solving specific technical and economic tasks for development of the energy industry in the Russian Federation. The competition captured attention of the scientific communities and aroused great interest among young scientists. About 1,000 specialists of energy companies, scientists, employees of small innovative enterprises and youth innovative centers, including those created on the Company’s initiative, took part in the contest. Within the framework of participation in the competition IDGC of the North-West presented for review by the expert council 31 projects and project ideas, out of which 14 were chosen to participate in the federal stage of the competition. Project “Development of New Means of Metering and Automated Experimental Detection of Impulse Characteristics of Grounding Devices” prepared by an authoring team of scientists of the North-West became a winner of the competition in nomination “Future Distribution Electric Grid Complex of Russia: Innovative Environment and Operational Activities”. Young scientists used their own solutions to determine impulse resistance, including the search of the global minimum of a specified function using the algorithm based on swarm intelligence of an artificial bee colony. The project is focused on the increase of reliability of electric supply to consumers.