JSC IDGC of the North-West is one of the largest energy companies in the Northwestern region of the Russian Federation, a subsidiary of JSC IDGC Holding (from April 04, 2013 JSC Russian Grids). The key activities are transmission and distribution of electric power in the territory of the Republic of Karelia, Republic of Komi, Arkhangelsk Region, Vologda Region, Murmansk Region, Novgorod Region, Pskov Region.


Ensuring reliable and uninterrupted energy supply to its consumers, stable shareholders’ income through efficient management of the distribution grid complex based on uniform conceptual approaches to business conduction.


  • To increase the effectiveness of general activities
  • To meet interests of all shareholders of IDGC of the North-West
  • To improve corporate governance, increase transparency of financial and business activities
  • To create the most comfortable conditions of consumers
  • To ensure continuous improvement of social responsibility of the Company

Strategic Goals

  • To increase the reliability and quality of services provided by the Company
  • To increase operational and investment efficiency
  • To increase investment attractiveness
  • To increase energy efficiency and assurance of innovative development
  • To increase availability of the electric grid infrastructure
  • To ensure development of the human capital

Key objectives of IDGC of the North-West in achieving the strategic goals are:

  • To decrease the level of physical depreciation of electric grid equipment
  • To achieve guaranteed reliability indicators and quality standards in providing services
  • To achieve an established level of controllability and manageability
  • To reduce operating costs of distribution grid companies
  • To ensure an energy accounting level meeting up-to-date requirements