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The mechanism of interaction with shareholders and investors is defined in the Articles of Association of IDGC of the North-West, the Company’s Corporate Governance Code and Regulation on Information Policy. The company strives to maximize the transparency of its activities and provides all shareholders and investors with equally fair and timely access to information.

Forms of interaction2011-2012 events
Press- and video conferences, meetings, participation in forumsThe top management of the Company took part in Forum Russia organized by Troika Dialog, in the XV International Conference of Investors of Renaissance Capital, in investment forum of VTB Capital “Russia calls!” and held a meeting with representatives of investment fund Lazard Asset Management, LLC in May 2012.
General meeting of shareholders and meetings of the Board of DirectorsThree general meetings were held. The results of the meetings are: approval of annual reports (for 2011 and 2012), annual accounting statements, profit distribution; election of the Board of Directors and Auditing Commission; approval of the revised Regulations for Procedure of Convening and Holding of the Board of Directors’ Meetings. Video conferencing was widely used for holding meetings of the Board of Directors, which resulted in the increase in the number of in-praesentia meetings from three in 2011 to six in 2012.
ReportingThe Company issues annual reports, including English version, on a yearly basis. In 2012 JSC IDGC of the North-West was named one of the winners of the XV annual competition of annual reports held by Moscow Exchange OJSC in the nomination “Best Information Disclosure in the Annual Report by Companies with Capitalization of up to 10 Billion Rubles”. In order to enable shareholders to make weighted decision on matters on agenda of the general meeting of shareholders the Company uses its best efforts to reduce the period of publication of annual financial statements: in 2011 the statements were issued 1.5 months prior to the date of the general meeting and in 2012 — 2.5 months prior to the date of the general meeting.
Corporate website
The corporate website contains the Articles of Association and internal documents, financial statements, annual reports, quarterly information bulletins containing information on the current financial and economic condition, technical condition, press-releases and investor’s calendar specifying dates of key events for investors and analysts.
Other Internet resourcesInformation about the Company (including English version), such as data on current quotations of the Company’s shares, announcements and releases, is placed on the Company’s website and at (for foreign investors). This information is also mailed to various agencies located outside the Russian Federation. From September 2012 information to be disclosed in accordance with requirements established by Federal Financial Markets Service is also published (in addition to the Company’s website) at a webpage provided by information agency authorized to disseminate information disclosed in the securities market.